In every moment we are presented with the choice of responding with love or reacting from fear.

However, with the stresses and strains of life and the pressure of the collective unconsciousness – we find ourselves getting heavier and deeper into resentment, distrust and ultimately a sense of victimhood. We are filled with the sense that life is happening to us – and we are not living the life of our choosing. And the heaviness of our daily experience manifests into depression, hopelessness and general sadness. 

Feeling depressed, having low energy, not being motivated, not being able to cope and generally feeling helpless is traditionally treated with medication. This assumes that we need to sedate our feelings and not authentically feel what we are feeling and not having those feelings validated. 

Alternatively, we can learn to shift our perspective entirely. We can choose to see things differently. This approach is not difficult, it is different. But it does require our active involvement through a process of surrender. We have come into this world to experience free will. Our Maker will only ‘interfere’ or relieve us from our difficulties/setbacks/drama if we ask for help.  And hence the process of actively giving up our story. A miracle is a shift in perception.

We may not have control over what has occurred, but we can change my mind or our perspective about what is. 

Learn the tools to apply this shift and find emotional freedom.